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        The company, Paradis Foods Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, from the idea that we want to manufacture and supply healthy and quality foods.

        Our first product concept is to value-added the GLUTEN free Thai rice with high GABA. We come up with Gaba Rice Pasta from germinated rice. The pasta color is its original rice color such as brown color from Brown Rice and purple color from Hom-nin Rice. Our GABA Rice Pasta was certified by Kasetsart University with GABA analysis. We are the first company who launched the Gaba Pasta with delicious and chewy taste to the market.

        Throughout the past period, we adhere to our commitment to produce quality products and healthy foods. The company’s manufacturing process has been certified by GMP and HACCP.

34 Sukhumvit42 Rd, Bangkok, 10110
66(0) 2 391 9011


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