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Suparp Pad Thai Nakhon Chum

                Traditional Thai Pad Thai The first bridge over Kamphaeng Phet has not yet been built. Started by Mae Boon Muang In Monday, 1952, sells Pad Thai at Chalerm Nakorn. I do not have to mention Kamphaeng Phet people have to cross the Ping River to taste the taste of Thai Pad Thai crossing in the past. No bridge It's hard In 1987, Mae Samphat Autadthana, a daughter, sold her mother to her mother. Stop selling the successor is a mother politely ignoring another daughter of Mother Boon Muang, sold from 1975 until the present. Daughter is polite mother. Miss Ornapun Pookin (Bee Girl) is about to take over from Pad Thai. Secret tips, not polite mother used to substitute peanuts instead of peanuts. And no matter the vegetables used to eat Pad Thai is the leaves, garlic, sprouts and bananas. The recipe of Thai Pad Thai noodles is the same whether the country is delicious or not depends on the technique of stir. I know that you are invited to Pad Thai.

nakorn market, Kamphaeng Phet, 62000
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Pad Thai



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