Lemon grass

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The lemongrass is an herbal plant that originated in India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. It is an herb that many houses grow as home-grown vegetables due to its easiness in growing, its multi-purposes, and its durability to the weather and pests. Those who have seen the lemongrass in vegetable stalls or in supermarkets might be surprised that the entire lemongrass plant, if you look on the surface, looks like a messy clump of grass. However, what’s hidden under that clump of grass is the lemongrass. The parts that are usually used are called the stalk and the underground rootstock. The popular species are Ta Khrai Yuak and Ta Khrai Kap Daeng. The benefits of both species are they can be grown all year-round. The plants are big with a long harvesting period. Yuak species takes about 7 months and Kap Daeng species takes about 6-7 months, which is slightly faster than the Yuak species.


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