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Pepper, or its scientific name Piper nigrum L., has many names, whether they be Phrik Khi Nok, black pepper, white pepper, and Phrik Thai Lon or Phrik Noi, which is its name in the northern part of Thailand. Originally, it is believed that the origin of pepper was India, around the mountain range in the east into Thailand. It was widespread through trade and navigation and it became one of the important economic crops. The province that is famous for pepper is Chanthaburi Province. The history of this fame started in the early Ayutthaya period when historians found evidence of duty collection on pepper. Moreover, there was the designation of tax payer for chili to control export trading to other countries. These expertise and fame have continued to the present as found in the slogan of Chanthaburi Province: “Magnificent waterfalls, fruit city, good breeding peppercorns, loads of gems, Chanthabun mat, fertile nature, gathering place of King Taksin the Great Liberation.”


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