Green Curry

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The background of green curry must turn to the past. Originally, the curry in Thai style was clear curry, like Kaeng Liang or Kaeng Pa. In other words, in the past, Thai people did not eat curry with coconut milk. They only ate clear curry with other ingredients and finely pounded chili. Then, coconut milk was used as an ingredient in food and this was the complete birth of the curry spices. “Kaeng Daeng” or “Kaeng Phet” came from the coconut milk spices with red chili. This spice was later adapted from the red chili to the green chili. That was the origin of the name Kaeng Khiao Wan. It did not come from the sweet taste like everybody understands, but from the color of the curry. When you put the green curry spices into floating undiluted coconut milk, vegetables, and meat, the curry will become a light green color. Anyone who reads this part, congratulations! You are one of the lucky people who has learned the truth that Kaeng Khiao Wan does not come from sweet coconut milk in green color, but from the interesting background as mentioned above.


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